Big Apple Hotels: Where Not To Stay In New York

Staying in New York can be either a very pleasurable activity, or it can become a tiresome challenge. It all depends on how much time you put into planning where to stay and which hotel to choose. While NY is packed with amazing hotels, hostels and budget apartments, there are some hotels that you should avoid at all costs. Here’s a list of a few places that aren’t worth your time or money.

The New York Inn
Located in one of the noisiest areas of New York, this hotel is pretty expensive and provides all the noise and crowds NY has to offer. Despite some of the main attractions being close at hand, the reviews of this hotel are horrifying: people have spotted rats here, experienced the absence of heat and hot water as well as rude staff, leaky plumbing and a horrible breakfast. Obviously the only good thing about this hotel is that it’s located in New York.

Hotel Pennsylvania
This hotel has been reported a nightmare to stay at. Located just across the street from Madison Square Garden/Penn Station, it is characterized by customers as being simply gross. There’s even a DMV just around the corner! The rooms are also awful with mold growing everywhere, dirty toilets and sinks, filthy carpets and rude staff. It might be better to sleep at the station after all!

Hotel Carter
This hotel is definitely on the top 10 list of the most hideous hotels in NY. The reports are truly unbelievable. This facility has it all – prostitutes, dead bodies hidden under beds, bed bugs, hair in the bathrooms, dirty towels, awful staff, and faulty door locks. The only positive thing about this hotel is that it is located in the Times Square, but there are dozens of places there so much better than this. Just stay away from this horror!

Henry Hudson Hotel
This facility is one the priciest hotels with the worst rooms ever. It does have an impressive bar, rooftop and a lobby, but the rooms are incredibly small and dirty. You’ll experience smelly bedding, faulty climate control, phones that are not working properly, and an incredibly creepy gym in the basement. You can rent a room here for more than $200, and get all these amazing things in return.

Hotel Gansevoort
This is not the worst hotel on earth, but it is one of those cases when lots of people think the hotel is good and it, well, spoils the whole facility. The place is crowded by Jersey-shore types that only glare at each other while waiting to get inside, especially to the famous, if not notorious, rooftop pool. Inside they only continue glaring at each other. This place is no fun at all! This is definitely not a place where you can get a classy experience.