Preparing for your vacation is the most exciting yet confusing thing you do. As much we love to take a break from our daily routine tasks and leave for vacations, but we don’t want to enter the difficulty of selecting a hotel to stay.

Selecting the best hotel is essential for your vacation as the hotel is the core of your travel plans. Depending on whether you’re travelling for business or personal vacation, here is a list of what should you consider while you plan your stay at New York Hotels.


The location is the most important factor while planning your visit at the hotel as the location should be convenient enough to go around the city without getting into traffic or travelling a lot. The best hotels are situated in the centre of the towns and are near to many tourists’ spots, clubs, restaurants and other business avenues.


Before planning our vacation, we decide on the budget we have to finance the holiday. The price of the hotel is one of the essential factors as we don’t want to spend too much on the hotel only which leaves us with little budget for rest of the vacation plans.


While your stay in New York, you will need many accessories which are will be provided by the hotel included in the original rate or charged separately. 4 and 5-star hotels are adding amenities and features in their package to provide exceptional services to the clients, but many hotels still charge the customers for different features. Before selecting a hotel, you need to check the rates of exclusive amenities and make your decision accordingly.


A number of stars provided to the hotel are a great sign of deciding about the quality of the hotel, the services they will offer and the rates they will charge you for your stay. The stars are also an easy way to compare different hotels which fall under the one-star section and decide on the features they provide. All the hotels are fighting to increase their star rating as it gives them a chance to increase their rates. Find more on the best 5 star hotels in New York on trip advisor.


Like mentioned, with increasing competition, hotels are struggling on providing different features to the customer which can attract them and provide them with customer loyalty. People have started spending more time in the hotels and their on-site facilities, and therefore, different hotels offer separate facilities including swimming pools, restaurants, breakfast, spas, restaurants or golf courses. These add up to the entertainment of the vacation and is preferred by clients much. The trend of hosting different events in hotels for the customer entertainment also adds to the list.
Next time you’re travelling for your stay in New York, look for these steps and make your vacation memorable and entertaining, in the budget.


New York is not as dangerous as people think. New York, and especially midtown Manhattan, is one of the safest big cities in the U.S. In fact, fewer crimes are committed per capita in New York than in 20 other U.S. cities. Furthermore, the rate for violent crimes has plummeted in the last few years and is still on the decline.

A few common-sense tips:

- Don't handle money in public; and leave flashy possessions at home, they only attract attention.
- Be aware of your location. Try always to know where you are and where you are going.
- If you are walking alone, try to stay near other people, i.e.; attach yourself to groups of people walking in the same area.
- Don't let yourself believe that staying in a "good" neighborhood protects you from crime. Always be aware of your surroundings.
- Don't leave your possessions unattended, not even for a second.
- Keep your belongings, such as your purse or wallet, firmly attached to your person. Be wary of pickpockets and purse-snatchers, especially in crowded areas.
- Don't ever be afraid to cross the street if a situation doesn't feel right or to shout for help if somebody is bothering you.
- Don't take the subway late at night or very early in the morning, especially if you are unfamiliar with the stations and the subway itself.

Find more tips on safety here

Remember to buy a travel insurance. Depending on where you live you can read more on these links:
Reiseversicherung für USA (Germany)
Rejseforsikringer (Denmark)
AXA Insurance


Hotels do not provide their own shuttle services, unless you are paying for a room that has a car and driver included in the rate (i.e., the Pinnacle Suites at the RIHGA Royal).

AirTrain: There are pros and cons to using AirTrain from JFK or Newark airports to Midtown (or vice versa). The pros are that it's inexpensive, and trains are not slowed by traffic which is a very common problem around New York. The con is that you have to wait for 2-3 different train connections, and then walk from the train through the station out to the street to get a cab to/from your hotel in Midtown (all the while schlepping your luggage). It's so much easier just climbing aboard a cab or shuttle at the airport and being delivered right to your hotel (and vice versa).

AirTrain between Newark Airport & Manhattan
Rather than replicating directions, we'll just direct you to the official Port Authority site. The rail line that connects Newark terminals is one end of your journey, and Penn Station (32nd & 7th Ave) is the other. You change trains in the city of Newark, NJ.

AirTrain between JFK Airport & Manhattan
Go to the Port Authority site for full information. You'll catch AirTrain in JFK which will take you to the hub where you can connect with the LIRR at Jamaica Station ; the E, J/Z subways at Jamaica Station; the A subway at Howard Beach Station.

Take AirTrain to connect to the following MTA trains and subways: the LIRR at Jamaica Station ($4.75 off-peak to $6.75 peak to Penn Station); the E, J/Z subways at Jamaica Station ($2 to Midtown); the A subway at Howard Beach Station ($2 to Midtown)
Cabs: NYC taxis are the most direct and most convenient way to travel, especially for 2 - 3 people. Outside baggage claim, there will always be a taxi stand and all you need to do is get in line. Typical fares from the airports are $25-$35 from LaGuardia, and $45-$55 from both Kennedy and Newark. Of course, traffic congestion plays a role in the cost of a cab ride. You will also need to pay bridge and tunnel tolls (a few bucks) between the airport and Manhattan (keep your receipts). All NYC cabs should have an official "medallion" on the right front hood.

If a "black car" limo driver offers you a ride because they're not busy, be aware that this is not exactly legal but can be a great way to travel compared to a taxi! Be sure to negotiate a fare in advance of entering the limo. We'd suggest the above cab fare averages as a starting point.

Bus: The city bus is the least expensive, and it travels only to and from the Port Authority Bus Station on 8th Avenue and 42nd Street. You may have to take a cab to/from your hotel from/to Port Authority. The bus service can take up to 2 hours; so if time is money, try other means of transportation. Bus plus a cab fare will end up costing about as much as Super Shuttle.

Shuttle: These are large vans that provide pick-up and drop-off service for most major hotels in Midtown. The cost is approximately $17 to/from each airport. In the airport, go to the Ground Transportation Desk near the baggage claim and they will steer you in the right direction. Wait time for shuttles runs up to 20-30 minutes and delivery to your hotel can take 60 to 90 minutes. Reservations are not required, but if you don't have a reservation and the first shuttle is full you will have to wait for the next one. You can book online now and save the hassle. If two to four of you are traveling together, we find taking a cab or limo is a more efficient alternative. But if you're traveling alone, the shuttle is a great way to save money.

Black Car (limo): See Car Services for information on using limo (or "black car") services. Riding in these vehicles is a big step up from riding in a cab, and they aren't always that much more expensive. We recommend them for executives, for multiple riders sharing the fare (up to 4 riders usually), and especially for special occasions. Before or after a stressful, tiring flight you'll find it's very easy to justify (at least in YOUR mind!) the extra expense and personalized service.


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